A complete guide to picking delicious Concord grapes in Southwest Michigan this fall.

Concord grape season generally runs from late August through early October in Southwest Michigan.  But, you don't need a calendar to know when grapes are getting ripe on the vine.  If you've ever driven by Mattawan on I-94 during grape season, you've likely been smacked in the face with the sweet-smelling aroma of grapes.

I found 7 vineyards where you can pick your own delicious Concord grapes here in Southwest Michigan.  These farms range from Baroda to Kalamazoo and everywhere in between.  If we missed a U-Pick Concord grape vineyard, please let us know in the comments so we can add it to the list below.

7 Spots to Pick Concord Grapes in Southwest Michigan

Below you'll find 7 U-Pick farms for Concord Grapes in Southwest Michigan. These farms are listed by city.
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