This feels appropriate for Halloween.

This house doesn't feature scary decorations or tales of lingering ghosts. But, something about the vibe of this house just feels a bit spooky. At least, from the outside.

The house, located at 6340 W Cadillac Drive in Lake, Michigan, is currently selling for $1,600,000. It's been used as a vacation rental property in the past and features several, small cabins along with the main house.

Between all of the buildings, this property includes:

  • 8 Bedrooms
  • 7 Bathrooms
  • A private, 25-acre lake
  • Outdoor wood burner

But, as I mentioned above, the spooky vibes end once you see the interior of the house. Check it out:

Lake Front House in Lake, MI Is Up for Sale for $1.6 Million

Live your best, secluded life in this lakefront house selling for $1.6 million

I've always joked that I eventually want to live my life as a bog witch and have a house in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but water and nature. Too bad I don't have a spare $2 million!

If you do and are interested in buying the house, you can see the full Zillow listing here or contact the agent, Tara Lusk at Lake State Land Company LLC at 833-457-5263.

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