In my experience, antiquing is a way of life. People who love it absolutely love it. And, who could blame them? It's like modern-day treasure hunting.

In Southwest Michigan alone, we have tons of fantastic antique stores/malls. With that in mind, I've put together an antique trail you can follow should you want to make a day out of your antiquing adventures.

Here are at least 10 stops on SW Michigan's antique trail:

Here Are 10 Stops on the Southwest Michigan Antique Trail

If you love antiquing, we have plenty of shops and malls to choose from in the Southwest Michigan area.

And that's just the start. All along Lake Michigan's coast, you'll find plenty of antique shopping options. But, if you'd like to stay in the SW Michigan area, hopefully, this will help you out!

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On a random note...have you ever wished that you could buy or invent a time machine? Well, you definitely will after seeing this vintage newspaper:

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