Ohio has 7 species of water snakes filling these 5 lakes in 2024.

A very cool and informative website called A-Z-Animals.com recently published a list of the Ohio lakes with the most snakes.  This information will likely be used differently depending upon if you are a lover of snakes or are terrified of them.  Either way, it's great information to have.  Before we dive into the 5 most snake-infested lakes in Ohio, let's take a look at what kind of snakes you're likely to find in those lakes according to A-Z-Animals.com

7 Water Snakes in Ohio Lakes

  • Common ribbonsnake
  • Common watersnake
  • Copper-bellied watersnake
  • Eastern fox snake
  • Kirtland’s snake
  • Lake Erie watersnake
  • Queensnake


5 Most Snake-Infested Lakes in Ohio

#1 Lake Erie

Lake Erie is the largest lake to touch Ohio and contains four species of water snakes.

Lake Erie
Google Street View

#2 Indian Lake

This man-made lake was created in the late 1800s and currently has a large amount of common water snakes.

Indian Lake
Google Street View
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#3 Pymatuning Reservoir

This lake spans over 16,000 acres and has an abundance of the common water snake.

Pymatuning Reservoir
Google Street View

#4 Grand Lake St. Mary

Grand Lake St. Mary is another man-made lake with just one species of water snake, the common water snake.  However, there are lots of them.

Grand Lake St. Mary
Google Street View

#5 Mosquito Creek Lake

The Common water snake, Eastern fox snake, and the Copper-bellied water snake can be found in Ohio's 5th most snake-infested lake.

Mosquito Creek Lake
Google Street View

If you needed a reason to not swim in Ohio lakes...there you go.

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