The other day, I had a friend visit from the Lansing area. We were discussing how many natural areas are in the state of Michigan and how we'd love to visit them all.

In fact, both of us have the Michigan Recreational Passport but, off the top of our heads, we didn't really know where we could use them. First, let's talk about the Recreational Passport.

The Recreation Passport is something you can purchase when you renew your registration for your vehicle at your local S.O.S. office. It allows the holder access to all state parks, recreation areas, boat ramps, hiking trails, and more.

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Your license plate tag will have a special 'P' on it to indicate your purchase of the passport. It costs $13. As well, if you failed to purchase one during your vehicle registration renewal, you can learn how to acquire one here.

Once you've purchased your Recreation Passport, you can visit any Michigan State Park for free. There happen to be 8 in the SW Michigan area. Check out the list below:

8 Parks in SW Michigan Where You Can Use Your Recreation Passport

You purchased a recreation passport so, you might as well put it to good use! Here's where you can use it in the SW Michigan area.

Learn from my mistakes. If you're visiting a state park with lots of dunes, make sure you pack the proper footwear, extra water, and a snack because, MAN, I was exhausted by the time I made it over a couple of those dunes.

Now, if you're hoping to get out of the house but don't necessarily want to be outside, check out these trampoline parks in West Michigan. Sorry, your Recreation Passport won't do anything for you here:

Check Out These 5 Trampoline Parks in West Michigan

Looking to burn off some of your kid's energy or just have some fun in general? Check out these trampoline parks in West Michigan.

Exploring The Plundered Pirates Park In Flint, MI

Pirates Park was an entertainment park located at 4175 Miller Rd, in Flint, MI and since its closing, it looks like it has been plundered by pirates. Octane Exploration recently went to the property to document how this once pristine closed business has become a full project for the potential new owner.

Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.