This is the news Michigan foodies have been craving!

Now in its second year the festival will return in 2024, with a few changes. Here's what we know so far:

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Thanks to community-wide efforts local Facebook group Lansing Foodies were able to successfully host the Michigan's first ever olive burger festival in 2023.

I know, right? Seems a bit odd that in the 100 years since the olive burger was first invented in Michigan no one has dedicated an entire celebration to this amazing culinary creation?!

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Culver's Olive Burger - via Culver's

History of the Olive Burger

Legend has it the Michigan staple was born in 1923 in Flint at Kewpee Hotel Hamburgs. Despite several name and location changes you can still find the original burger with olive sauce at Kewpee's in Lansing; after nearly 100 years, the restaurant says their olive burger is still the most popular burger on the menu.

Olive Burger Capital

Despite olive burgers having been first created in Flint, the Lansing Foodies attempted to cement the city's place in burger history by requesting Governor Whitmer to declare Lansing as the "Olive Burger Capital of the World"-- a goal they actually achieved! Well, kind of.

2024 Olive Burger Festival

In 2023 the inaugural Olive Burger Festival was held in June, but this year's date has been pushed back a bit. Mark your calendar for October 5, 2024 when foodies from all over the state will once again descend upon Lansing's Jackson Field to get their fill of our favorite burger.

There will be adult beverages, games and plenty of activities for the kids. Attendees will get to sample different variations of the iconic burger from local restaurants and food trucks and then vote on their favorite.

According to the Lansing State Journal the event sold-out with over 2,500 tickets sold before the event even began! While ticket info has yet to be announced, make sure you follow the festival here to stay up to date.

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