It's National Pumpkin Day and one Ohio town is celebrating in a big way. With a nearly 400-pound pumpkin created in the likeness of Taylor Swift. And of course there is a Travis Kelce pumpkin to go with it. But, it's not just making headlines for its appearance, but also helping a good cause.

How the 'Taylor Swifkin' came to life

Jeanette Paras of Dublin, Ohio designed, painted, and decorated the Taylor Swiftkin. According to The Columbia Dispatch, it took nine wigs to create the hair and the ears are made from sweet potatoes. Paras sourced the pumpkin from local growers and then creates a sketch before painting the pumpkin. She then paints the pumpkin and adds clothes and accessories. Paras also created a 20 pound gourd to represent Taylor's boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

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A Pumpkin with a Cause

Also according to The Columbia Dispatch, Paras is a two-time breast cancer survivor and decided to use the attention of her celebrity pumpkin to raise money for breast cancer awareness. And with October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Paras is matching the first $2,500 donated to a fund at

Taylor Swiftkin isn't the first celebrity inspired pumpkin Paras has created. She's been creating celebrity pumpkins since 1988. Some of her most popular creations include one of Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Ted Lasso, and Yoda. And the Taylor Swiftkin is not the largest pumpkin Paras has worked with. The 'Ted Lassokin' weighed 705 pounds and a 'Where The Wild Things Are' inspired pumpkin weighed nearly 1,200 pounds.

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