What's scarier than Halloween? The thought of having no Halloween at all!

I understand this Michigan superintendent had their heart in the right place, but I don't think this is quite the reaction she expected.

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In an effort to make a more inclusive celebration, Mt. Pleasant Public Schools Superintendent Jennifer Verleger and her staff chose to opt for a "fall fun" celebration versus the traditional Halloween party.

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In a letter to parents Verleger wrote,

Some of you may be disappointed we won't have a Halloween parade or celebration with costumes...I want to assure you we arrived at this decision after careful consideration and thoughtful input from our school community and school board, as well as recommendations from parent committees that are focused on making our school inclusive and welcoming

Now, I understand that factors like religion and income may play a factor here, but surely there must be a better alternative than just generic fall fun. 


Naturally parents and students took to social media to share their frustrations. Here's what they had to say:

  • "So just wear the clothes they would wear anyways this time of year? I guess that is inclusive because everybody does wear clothes. I guess everyday is a celebration." - Kimberly Emerson
  • "For some kids Halloween celebrations at school is the only Halloween they get. Some kids don't get to go trick or treating.. schools have been celebrating Halloween forever it's sad that they are taking it away from the kids" - Alison Ann Spickerman
  • "I am a teacher. There are thousands of ways to adapt lessons to a theme and to make any day special and fun. One doesn’t need parades , costumes, and parties. These are best provided by parents and the community." - Jane Zientek
  • "This is a very odd little hill you all have decided to die on. Lol" - Nivia McDonald

According to the Morning Sun in Mt. Pleasant, some parents have said they'd be willing to host a costume drive if affordability is the issue. Again, I see both sides but as previously stated what if this is the only Halloween celebration some of these kids have?

Who do you think is right?

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