There are 7 stickers that are making Michiganders vulnerable to crimes from theft to abduction that you should know about.

Many Michiganders have put targets on their backs with bumper and window stickers on their cars.  When you spend a lot of time in your vehicle it can become a part of your personality.  Law enforcement has found a direct connection between window and bumper stickers and some very serious crimes.

Below you'll find a small list of stickers that you may not realize are giving criminals personal information.  From what kind of dog you have at home to what you do for a living.  Worse yet, many of us have stickers that give away the personal locations of our children.

Car Stickers That Make You A Target to Criminals

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Speaking of things that I didn't would be a problem in Michigan.  Who around here doesn't know they shouldn't have a hand grenade?

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Illegal Names You Can't Name Your Baby in Michigan

According to Michigan state law and We Have Kids, you can't name your child any of the names listed below in the Mitten State.

Gallery Credit: Jacob Harrison

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