Ok this is how you know summer has arrived in Michigan; the DNR's annual "Three Free" weekend is almost here!

It only happens once a year, but it's a great way for Michigan residents to discover a new hobby-- or continue enjoying one they already love. Here's how to take advantage of Three Free weekend in Michigan:

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The annual event is described by the Michigan DNR as,

...two full days when residents and visitors can fish, ride Michigan’s off-road trails or visit state parks and state-managed boating access sites at no cost.

No cost? That's the best price!

When Is It?

For 2023, the annual event will take place over two days: Saturday June 10 and Sunday June 11.

Photo by Srikanth Peetha on Unsplash
Photo by Srikanth Peetha on Unsplash

What's Included?

Free fishing: Anglers can enjoy two full days of fishing without a license, an event which only happens twice a year. Though you do not need to register for a license, all other state regulations regarding species, size, etc., still apply.

Free ORVs: Hit some of Michigan's 4,000 miles of DNR-designated off-road-vehicle trails without purchasing an ORV license or permit.

Free Recreation Passport: During this free weekend the state's recreation passport requirement is waived. This passport is your gateway to Michigan's state parks and allows you entry to parks, recreation areas, trails, boating access sites, and state campgrounds. The annual pass can be purchased when you register/renew your vehicle with the Secretary of State and is valid for one year.

Which Parks Are Participating?

All of Michigan's 100+ state parks are offering free entry as part of "Three Free" weekend, which also includes access to boating sites! More details on Michigan's state parks here.

Which park(s) do you plan to explore during this free weekend?

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