A 21-year-old Bloomington, Indiana man is now behind bars after trying to buy a new Porsche with a $78 Million counterfeit check.  Surprisingly, it's the second time in two days he attempted the same crime.

This young Hoosier is now in jail about 2 hours Southeast of his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana after making a series of strange decisions.  St. Matthews is a small town just outside of Louisville, Kentucky.  That's where this young man walked into a Porsche dealership with a $78 million check demanding the keys to a car.  The dealership knew something was off and asked the man to leave.  He allegedly refused to leave and walked around to the rear of the dealership looking for keys according to Wave3.com,

He refused to leave until the dealership sold him the Porsche. Scared he might do something reckless, employees called the police and Litka was arrested.

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Oddly enough, this is not the first time this suspect has attempted this bizarre scam.  The Indiana man attempted to buy a Land Rover at a nearby dealership with a $12 million fake check the day before the Porsche dealership incident.  The suspect is now facing criminal trespass and disorderly conduct charges.  There's no word on if more charges are expected as the investigation continues by the St. Matthews police.

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