Got milk?

Typically Wisconsin is known as "America's Dairyland" but it turns out they've got nothing on Pure Michigan!

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Despite having grown up rural Allegan, Michigan where the annual "Drive Your Tractor To School Day" was the highlight of the school year, I consider myself more of a city girl.

Hey, I grew up within the Allegan city limits, okay? The closest I got to "farm life" was participating in the "gardening club" of my local 4-H chapter.

I had no idea Michigan's farmland was so bountiful with The Mitten included among the top producers of Christmas trees, cherries, cucumbers/pickles, and asparagus in the nation-- and those are only the crops I can remember!

But what about Michigan milk?

Go, Michigan Milk!

According to the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) we can hold our own against those obnoxious Cheeseheads as Michigan is once again top-ranked when it comes to production of milk per cow.


With each Michigan cow producing on average 27, 420 pounds of milk per year, Michigan is first in the United States for production of milk per cow.

Happy cow

How to Find Michigan Milk:

The next time you go to grab a jug of milk at the grocery store take a very close look at the 5-digit manufacturer's code. The last three digits are the processing plant code, but the first two digits will tell you where the milk came from.

If the first two digits read 26, that means your milk is purely Michigan!

Now, I'm not someone who drinks a lot of milk. Instead, I consume lots of cheese. Does anyone know how I can tell if my cheese came from Michigan?

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