This is not something you see every day. From the outside, this ranch-style home for sale in the heart of Ferndale, Michigan looks like nothing out of the ordinary. However, it's actually anything but!

The interior of this 972-square-foot home tells an entirely different story than what its neighbors view from the street. According to the property's Zillow listing, the home was,

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designed with fun in mind!

And it certainly shows.

The Living Room

Upon entering the home's front door you are immediately greeted with one of the property's unique features: stadium-style seating.

It's essentially just a raised platform, but the owner thought enough to put a heating vent in the floor of the platform. No doubt this addition was meant to increase the amount of seating space available in the living room. This means your new home will be the place for watch parties come game day.

The Kitchen

At first glance, the kitchen appears spacious and updated, but upon further inspection, you'll notice not one, but two urinals located along the wet bar in the kitchen.

Now you can call me old-fashioned, but I believe what one does in the kitchen and in the bathroom should be kept separate! But maybe that's just me.

The Bathroom

So if there are urinals in the kitchen, what does the real bathroom look like?

Not only does your "throne" sit on an actual throne, but there is a beer tap installed on the wall behind the toilet. That way you can sip while you sit! There is also a TV hookup for the shower so you never have to miss a moment of the action.

The Back Yard

Located directly off the kitchen is the home's fenced-in backyard, the highlight of which is the custom Detroit Lions-themed basketball court with lighting. You'll also be directly across from Harding Park which has ballfields, playgrounds, and a roller hockey rink.

This home is a sports lover's paradise! Take a closer look below:

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The property listing says the home at 3050 Burdette St. in Ferndale was, "built with fun in mind!"

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