While I am a 34-year-old woman, I would say that the "oldest" thing about me is that I love bird watching.

If I'm walking to my car and happen to hear the call of a red-tailed hawk you better believe that you'll find me staring up into the sky trying to spot it. There's something so peaceful about watching birds simply exist. And I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Last week, I stumbled upon the Facebook page, The Bird Perch. Based in Kalamazoo, post after post is dedicated to capturing Michigan's birds on camera with both pictures and videos. Some birds I (as a former Floridian) didn't even realize we had in Michigan.

Check out a few of the birds they've caught on camera below:

This Facebook Page Makes Bird Watching in Michigan Easy and Delightful

The Facebook page, The Bird Perch, is constantly sharing photos and videos of Michigan's beautiful birds. Most of them are right here in our own backyard!

The page, Bird Perch, was originally started in 2017 and, since 2019, has also been sharing videos captured with a Birdsy Cam. It's a camera specifically designed for birds and comes with an AI that identifies and then labels the video with the names of the different bird species.

Here, it captured "Pete", the Male Pileated Woodpecker:

So pretty!

When I asked why The Bird Perch Facebook page was started, the person behind the camera said,

Running my FB page brings me a lot of joy just knowing I can share something so positive that might just brighten someone's day. It's also a way to bring awareness to our birds and teach people things they might not know already.

I, for one, love it.

The Bird Perch is constantly updating their page with even more photos and videos of local birds. Follow them here to see them all.

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