8 stores that we all want back at Crossroads Mall in Portage.

Crossroads Mall was the place to be in Southwest Michigan.  Whether you were shopping for work or school clothes, getting your steps early in the morning as you did laps around the giant building, or just teens hanging out after school and on the weekends.  Crossroads Mall opened on July 24th, 1980.  Crossroads seemed to be doing very well through the 80s and 90s.  However, much like other malls around the United States, stores began to vanish as the Internet changed how consumers shop.  For the sake of nostalgia, we asked you on Facebook which stores you want back.

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8 Crossroads Mall Stores That Are Long Gone

Mervyns opened at Crossroads Mall in 1989 and closed in 2006.  According to Wikipedia, the chain carried national brands of clothing, footwear, bedding, bath products, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, electronics, toys, and housewares.

Mr. Bulky's Candy.  I am unable to find when Mr. Bulky's opened and then closed at Crossroads Mall.  However, I found an open Mr. Bulky's in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

County Seat was a popular national clothing chain that was at Crossroads Mall on day one.  The chain closed all of its stores nationwide in 1999 after filing for bankruptcy.

Merry Go Round was a super popular clothing store for teens.  This store was HUGE in the 80s and early 90s.  However, it went bankrupt in the mid-90s and closed all of its stores by 1996 according to the New York Times.

Chess King was another super popular clothing store for high school students in the 80s and early 90s.  Chess King was owned by the same company that owned Merry Go Round and also closed all of its stores in 1996.

Wet Seal was a National chain that quickly gained popularity when it launched in 1995.  However, the chain has slowly died around the country and closed all stores by 2017.

Deb's was a part of Crossroads Mall for a very long time.  At least, it seemed like it.  We can't find info on when the store officially became a part of Crossroads Mall.  But we do know that the chain closed all of its stores by 2015.

Casual Corner was a part of Crossroads Mall on day one. The national clothing chain focused on the professional woman and had a great run doing so.  The company closed all of its North American stores by 2005.

Did we miss one of your favorite mall stores of the past?  Let us know in the comments.

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