A disturbing cluster of counties have the highest rates of cancer in Michigan.  Where does your county land in this report?

Stacker recently released a report they compiled using CDC data comparing cancer rates in each Michigan county.  There are many reasons why certain counties have higher rates of cancer than others.  Many economic, social, and environmental factors must be considered along with industries of employment according to Stacker,

Cancer rates also fluctuate by jobs: Higher rates of cancer can be found among the meat industry, rubber manufacturing workers, and farmers.

Below you'll find the 10 counties with the highest cancer rates out of 83 Michigan counties.

10 Counties With the Highest Cancer Rates in Michigan

Gallery Credit: Google Street View and Canva

Click here to see the 50 counties in Michigan with the highest cancer rates.

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The most eye-opening aspect of this report is the cluster of counties among the 10 highest cancer rate counties of Michigan.  You'll notice in the graphic below that all 10 of the highest cancer rate counties are in the Northern half of Michigan.  Seven of those counties are clustered together: Montmorency, Oscoda, Alcona, Roscommon, Ogemaw, Iosco, and Gladwin counties.

10 Counties With the Highest Cancer Rates in Michigan
MapChart and Canva

We recently covered a story about how the Fruit of the Loom company allegedly devasted a couple of small Michigan towns back in 1973 with one of the largest chemical poisonings in world history.  However, tragedy didn't take place in any of the top 10 counties in this report.  So what's causing high cancer rates in this one area of Michigan?  Could it be a lack of healthcare or is this an environmental issue?

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