With the rise in prices and the high wages a lot of Americans are asking for, some stores are struggling to stay afloat in todays current economy.

You'll find a lot of companies that rely on that of places like malls to house their businesses, may not stay around for long. That's what happened to this retailer, and they're closing all their doors here in Michigan.

Retailer In Michigan Closing All Stores

A cosmetics company that got it's start in the UK, and quickly opened up stores in 80 different countries is shutting a lot of it's doors here in the United States, as well as some spots in Canada.

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The cosmetics company known as, The Body Shop, will shut all of its shops down here in Michigan.

All of the shops based here in Michigan were in the Metro-Detroit area, one even being based in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport in the McNamara Terminal. Other locations were in places such as the Twelve Oaks Mall, located in Novi, Michigan.

While all of our locations based here in Michigan, as well as around the country are shutting down there are only 33 of 105 shops shutting their doors in Canada. So, the store is still available and will continue to thrive in our Northern Neighbors region.

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