We don't just play football games here to determine supremacy, we have to go even further. Sorry Ohio and Indiana, Michigan is above you in more ways than just geographics.

Ohio gets a bad rep and for plenty of reason. And sure, while Michigan has its detractors for the reputations of select cities, some things are helping The Great Lakes State reign supreme in the Midwest. The rivalry between the states has never been preserved between the sidelines of Michigan Stadium or Ohio Stadium.

Michigan has the upper hand in the rivalry in a great many ways. The most recent was on the football field, with the Michigan Wolverines preserving its undefeated season against the Ohio State Buckeyes on Thanksgiving weekend 30-24. While it's the most recent, and one of the most important, examples, it's not the only separator. Take a look into the classroom, or outside of it for that matter, and Michigan still comes out on top.

Sure, the University of Michigan is rated as the second-best school in the country, while Ohio State falls short at No. 20. That may play a part, because a study by Road Snacks ranking the dumbest states in America determined that Ohio was indeed dumber than Michigan.

By analyzing each state's number of dropouts and the percentage of the population that was deemed highly educated, Road Snacks ranked each state from dumbest to smartest. The higher the dropout rate and the lower the percentage of highly educated people, the dumber the state

With a 9% dropout rate and a 29% highly educated population, Ohio was ranked as the 16th-dumbest state in America.

Michigan landed much closer to the middle of the country's rankings, having an 8% dropout rate and a 31% highly educated population.

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Oh, Indiana, I did not forget about you. The state I have heard jokingly called Alabama-North performed the worst among all Midwest states. If you're from Indiana and didn't appreciate the Alabama-North joke, only one other state north of the Mason-Dixon was deemed dumber, and that was West Virginia at No. 3. West Virginia is to Indiana as Mississippi is to Alabama.

Indiana was ranked the 11th-dumbest state in America, having a 10% dropout rate and a 38% highly educated population. The college rankings match up, as the highest-rated public university in the state, Purdue University, is the 24th-best in the country.

Just for kicks, Michigan beat out Illinois too, though Illinois still topped Ohio and Indiana. Illinois ranked as the 22nd-dumbest state in America with a 12% dropout rate and a 35% highly educated population. The University of Illinois is the No. 10 best college in America on Niche's rankings as well.

Check out the rest of the states and how they rank on Road Snacks' study here.

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