Every middle-class American is feeling the sting of inflation, and the end doesn't appear to be in sight. Still, there may be some ways to mitigate that pain. For starters, consumers can stretch their hard-earned dollars by ensuring they're getting value for their basic needs.

Living somewhere with a low cost of living isn't exactly a life of luxury, but it can be a life closer to comfort. Ohioans don't have it easy everywhere in the state, least of all the city with the lowest cost of living. Still, the state itself has a cost of living 11% lower than the national average, which is nearly in the top 10 in the country.

According to Niche, Dayton has the lowest cost of living of any city in Ohio, while only one other city in America has a lower cost of living. Niche's research rankings determined Brownsville, Texas, is the city with the lowest cost of living in America. Ironically, Niche's grading scale didn't give any city a cost of living grade higher than A-, which 11 cities earned, including three from Ohio.

As for Dayton, low rent and home values play a huge role in their rankings here. The median home value in Dayton is $86.000 - nearly $200k less than the national average. Dayton's median rent is $830, which is considerably less than the national average at $1,268. Still, the drawback in Dayton is a low median household income, which is $41,443 - nearly half the national average at $75,149. Those variables earned Dayton a C+ grade for jobs from Niche.

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As would be the case with any city, there are plenty of pros and cons for people who are considering living or are already living in Dayton, which can be viewed here.

It's worth noting that the rankings for the "Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living in America" only include 228 American cities (and 6 cities from Puerto Rico). Six Ohio cities were included, all ranking very well, each ranking in the top 75.

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