A camping trip is a solid way to fill some time during your summer. It gets those kiddos off the devices and out of the house. It gets the parents a little extra piece and quiet (well, except for when the kids complain about the lack of signal on the phone).

Nonetheless, while camping in the backyard with a tent is great and finding an inland camping sight is even better, few camping trips can beat camping on an island. If your camping trip goal is to all but completely abandon civilization, there aren't many options better than that.

If you're going to do it, though, you have to do it big. It doesn't get bigger than the biggest island on Lake Michigan, Beaver Island.

Of course, camping isn't the only attraction to Beaver Island. There is plenty across the 54-square-mile island to discover, from local history, hiking and biking trails, restaurants, sports and recreation. It's a solid vacation spot with or without camping whether you're staying for a few days or a whole week.

But to dial in on the purpose of this article, we're talking about camping on the famous Beaver Island this summer. There are three options for prospective campers on the island, all with varying accommodations.

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Wanna Go Glamping?

Cover your ears and eyes cargo-khaki dads, we're talking glamping first.

Of course, glamping isn't all bad. A bit of tech and luxury to keep your sanity while you disconnect from the world sounds like a solid time. The Beaver Island Retreat provides your glamping party with a 180-square-foot Hotel Safari Tent designed for hotel-level privacy and accommodation.

To round out the glamping accommodations, the retreat provides a guest kitchen, laundry, bar and washrooms. Want to camp without the stress of being totally self-reliant and more primitive with your tech? Glamping is probably for you. There aren't many better glamping options in the country, and none compares in all of Michigan.

It's worth noting, the retreat only has select sites that allow children and the entire experience is designed as an adult experience.

You can check out more about the Beaver Island Retreat here.

Let's Really Go Camping

Okay, okay. The other two options are drastically cheaper and more true to form in the realm of actually camping.

The first is a bit more accommodated and requires a reservation as there are 18 campsites in the park. This option is in the St. James Township campground. It's just $20 for a site without electricity and $30 for a site with electricity. There are showers, hand pumps, pit toilets and porta-potties.

You can find some more information about the St. James Township campground here.

Go one step further and save a bit on the campsite itself by taking the third option, the Bill Wagner, Peaine Township Campground on the east-side shore of the island and a view of mainland Michigan across Lake Michigan, a plot is only $10. However, these sites are first come, first served and reservations are not taken, though the website says the entire campground is rarely full for more than a day.

There are no showers or porta potty on these sites, so if you are looking for a true primitive camping experience on an island, this is the best option for you. See more information on this and the previous campsites here.

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