2023 could prove to be a huge year for football in the Mitten State. The Detroit Lions are hyped to have possibly the best season in franchise history, or at least since the 1950s. Meanwhile, the Michigan Wolverines are the No. 2 team in the nation, primed to take the Big 10 and College Football Playoff by storm.

The Wolverines got off to a comfortable start in their regular season opener against East Carolina 30-3. The schedule, at least on paper, plays favorably for the Wolverines this season and most would expect Michigan to contend for a national championship this year.

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In that respect, U of M graduate and legendary sportscaster Rich Eisen proclaiming his alma mater will finally win the big one this season isn't too bold of a prediction. However, he tagged on an accomplice to make his football championship predictions as bold as possible - his New York Jets would also win the Super Bowl.

Eisen is from New York and a proud-if-not-hurt lifelong New York Jets fan. The Jets are a team to watch in the NFL with the addition of quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Ironically, a significant portion of Michigan football fans may not be too supportive of Eisen's prediction. Plenty of Wolverine fans double as Detroit Lions fans. The Lions had the last laugh of Aaron Rodgers's Green Bay Packer career and would no doubt revel in his inability to find postseason success in New York just as Brett Favre did before him.

Of course, There's always the chance the Lions and Jets play each other in the Super Bowl this season. That's not a sentence I ever expected to write nor you expected to read, but that's NFL football in 2023.

Could football have a better story in the state of Michigan than a Wolverines national championship and a Lions Super Bowl victory over Aaron Rodgers? Maybe not for Eisen, but it sounds like a fun story to write for the 2023 NFL season.

While Eisen made the prediction on NFL Network, Eisen can be heard in Kalamazoo on his radio show, The Rich Eisen Show, on weekday evenings on 1360 WKMI, and on the WKMI App, from 6-9 p.m.

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