Education is one of the pillars of our society. Without it, we'd be in a great deal more trouble than we already are.

Unfortunately, not everyone values it the same way. Sure, there is plenty you can achieve as an adult without attending college, but grade-school teachers help shape our communities. In many places around the country, the effort largely goes unappreciated and is undervalued.

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It's been a long-standing conversation that teachers across America don't make enough money, especially when factoring in the out-of-pocket costs they take on for their classrooms. Some states have stepped up to give teachers more, while others have continued to pour resources into other areas.

A recent study from the National Education Association put into perspective where each state stands relative to how well they pay their educators.

Michigan was somewhat successful in some categories, but well below average in others.

For example, Michigan's higher-education instructors average $109,282 in salary, which is 6th in the nation. Unsurprising given the reputations of the universities in the Mitten State.

Unfortunately, the rest of Michigan's pay statistics are lacking. While the average teacher salary in Michigan is $67,011, ranking 17th in the US, the climb to get there is tough. Starting salaries average at $40,302, the 41st worst in the country.

Considering the cost of living in Michigan is on the lower side, it still takes $58,892 per year, by the NEA's estimation, for a single adult with a child to live "a modest and  adequate standard of living."

Of course, the varying rankings do indicate that Michigan is rather average at paying its teachers. After all, the pay gap between teachers and likewise educated professionals with similar experience in the state is a measly 79 cents.

Still, it's possible for teachers in Michigan to make pretty good money. Like many jobs, it's all about location.

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