It's cuffing season. The nights are colder here in Michigan and we could all use someone to cuddle up with at night. Not to mention you need someone to take to the pumpkin patch and soft launch on social media to prove to your friends that you really are trying in life.

Maybe you're just finding your sweetheart in the Mitten State, you're both entering the honeymoon phase of dating or are established in a long-term commitment - no matter what, one thing is for certain: relationships are hard.

They might be even harder in Michigan. That's because a study from Counseling Psychology determined that Michigan couples are the third-least happy in their relationships across the country.

On a scale of 100 in the study, Michigan scored a 61.92, only outscoring Iowa's 60.82 and Wisconsin's 59.13. While no state scored higher than 71, as Utah was dubbed the happiest in their relationships at 70.78, Michigan couples need to work on a few things.

Michigan was particularly called out, alongside Alabama, for lacking deep, meaningful conversations. According to the study, only 63% of Michigan couples report having those engaging, vulnerable talks.

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While more than half the country named communication as its top valued relationship quality, Michigan was one of four states to name honesty above all. Only Oklahoma ranked in the top half of the country's happy couple rankings of those four states.

Midwest couples are fairly unhappy altogether. Indiana was the eighth-most unhappy with a 64.12, while Minnesota was just a fraction ahead with a 63.96. Illinois was closer to the middle at 16 with a score of 65.58. Maybe it's surprising to us here in The Mitten, but Ohio couples are pretty happy. With a 68.02 score, Ohio was the twelfth-happiest state for couples.

Not happy in your Michigan relationship? The study points out that the happiest couples reported having deep, personal conversations and sharing hobbies.

Overall, the study says the average American rates their happiness in their relationship at about an 8 out of 10. The disparity between happy and unhappy states is small. So, work on that spontaneity, communicate with your partner and do your best to have fun with each other, and maybe next time Michigan will be a bit happier in their romantic endeavors.

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