A camping trip is many families' idea of a perfect summer activity, however, some people differ on what makes for a great camping trip.

Believe it or not, some folks don't like the idea of completely abandoning their modern amenities to get in touch with nature. While some may turn their nose up at the term, glamping is an understandable choice in camping style.

If you don't know, glamping is effectively camping with access to a phone, working facilities and definitive shelter. You don't need to bring a tent, dig a hole or build your own fire.

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This is a step up from taking the camper trailer out to a campsite as glamping can easily be seen as more of a luxury experience, especially at this Michigan destination.

While campers of all kinds are welcome here, Beaver Island Retreat offers one of the best glamping experiences in the nation according to a USA Today Top 10.

Beaver Island is a popular destination for campers of all kinds, but their luxurious glamping packages are the best you can find in Michigan.

The Beaver Island Retreat glamping experience is housed in a 180-square-foot Hotel Safari Tent designed for hotel-level privacy and accommodation. The luxury outdoor experience also provides a guest kitchen, laundry, bar and washrooms.

Overall, it's an intimate setting fully intended to be an adult experience so it can make for a romantic getaway. In fact, the Beaver Island Retreat was recently named one of the most romantic vacation destinations in the country.

Plus, there is plenty to do on the island from enjoying the beaches, to kayaking or taking a hike across the island. Then at night, the sky paints a unique starscape you can't find in the city-laden regions of Michigan's mainland.

More information on Beaver Island Retreat can be found here.

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