If you think we've had a lot of snow in west Michigan this year...you might be right.

So far this winter, the city of Grand Rapids has had 67.6" of snow (as of Tuesday, December 27th)

In a typical year, we average about 23.7" at Christmas time, but this year we have had almost three times that amount of snow. (By the way, last  year in comparison we only had a total of 14.1" of snow.)

This post by WOOD TV-8 Meteorologist Blake Harms shows the snow total comparison...

Snowiest Cities in the United States

The website Golden Snow Globe has put together a list of the "Snowiest Cities with a Population of 100,000 People or More". Grand Rapids comes in at #2 on the list with 67.6" of snow as of December 27th. The #1 snowiest city is Buffalo, New York with a total of 101.2" of snow so far this winter.

Grand Rapids is not the only city in Michigan to make the list. Lansing is #10 with 26.7" of snow, Flint is #20 with 15.3" of snow, and Ann Arbor just makes the list at #22 with 13" of total snow for the season.

It looks like we get a bit of a break from accumulating snow this week. Any precipitation we get over the next week or so looks like it will be in the form of rain. Temperatures are predicted to be in the 40s beginning on Thursday and will stay that way through at least the first part of next week. The National Weather Service is forecasting a high temperature of 52 for Tuesday, January 3rd. It looks like temperatures will fall back closer to average towards the end of next week. Several days of temperatures in the 40s will knock down a lot of the snow we currently have on the ground.

All 83 Michigan Counties Ranked On The Amount Of Snow Per Year

Ever wonder where the worst places in Michigan are for snowfall? What about the places that aren't so bad for snow? This might affect your next move... Given, you won't see lightning strike in the same place twice, you can't be promised a lack of snow. We have all 83 Michigan counties ranked in order, based on data collected throughout the years.

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