Social media around Michigan has been buzzing about the Detroit installing signs around the city reminiscent of the famous Hollywood Sign. Is that really happening?

The city couldn't copy the look exactly, the Hollywood Sign is actually trademarked - it has to do with the angles of the letters as they're displayed on the mountain.

However, as part of the city's hosting of the NFL Draft, it absolutely will be installing a sign spelling out the word 'DETROIT' in 10-foot high letters. The installation is expected to be along eastbound I-94 just past Wyoming Avenue, which marks the border between Detroit and Dearborn.

Detroit Sign Location
Google Maps Street View

Some say rather than, or in addition to Detroit's 'Hollywood Style Sign' perhaps there is another endearing emblem the city could erect.

What is likely is that unlike the artist's rendering that has been shown across social media - and used in the TikTok above - will likely not be the final design of the sign.

In addition to the western gateway along I-94, the city will install new, but a little less magnificent Welcome to Detroit signs at other key highway entrances. They'll appear on the other Detroit/Harper Woods border along I-94 Westbound as well as where I-96, I-75 and Southfield cross the city limits.

Detroit is pulling out all the stops for the NFL Draft, even more so it seems than preparations done before 2006 when the city had the opportunity to host the Super Bowl as part of showing off the then-newly constructed Ford Field.

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