Jerry Seinfeld is a comedic master so when he announced, via a tweet years ago, that he was thinking of a movie about Pop-Tarts, it was bound to happen. Now, just days ahead of the Netflix debut, there are growing calls for Seinfeld and the cast to visit Michigan, the home of the breakfast pastry.

More specifically, there are calls to have him visit Battle Creek the long-time headquarters of Kellogg's (don't forget Post) and the fabled Cereal City USA.

The idea came up on a Battle Creek-themed Facebook group. Battle Creek punches above its weight class when it comes to fictional productions set in the city. Many remember the movie the Road to Wellville about Dr. John Henry Kellogg and the sanitarium he started in the city and a short-lived CBS police procedural based in and named for the city, Battle Creek.

In both cases, the city and its boosters took little advantage of having a moment in the pop cultural zeitgeist and many don't want to miss that opportunity with the Pop-Tarts film, Unfrosted.

The movie drops on the streaming service Netflix in early May. Unfrosted in Battle Creek proponents point to the city's annual National Cereal Festival as the perfect opportunity to host the movie's stars.

While the movie is set in Battle Creek as the home to the cereal giants, how much of the movie is based on real life? Seinfeld tells the Netflix promotional blog Tadum,

“This really did happen in Battle Creek, Michigan, where Kellogg’s and Post were located, and they did compete to come up with this product,” Seinfeld said. “But the rest of it is complete lunacy.”

In other words, take all of this with a grain of salt (or maybe sugar). “We’re going to tell you a story, but if we want to do something funny that doesn’t make any sense, we’re going to do that too,” Seinfeld said.

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Perhaps that's 'lunacy' is why Kellogg's is not exactly full-throated behind the project. During a profile of Seinfeld on CBS Sunday Morning, the Unfrosted mastermind stated,

"Kellogg's did not have anything to do with this movie...When you see the movie, you will understand. No company would want a movie made about their product like this!"

Perhaps not Kellogg's corporate can't get behind the movie, but that shouldn't stop the home town of Battle Creek from trying to see a little 'pop.'

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