Here it comes again...another SCAM ALERT!

Scams are so vicious because many times criminals are able to obtain your personal information, social security number, bank account information or gain access to your computer. Welcome to the new "connected" world.

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This time it's an email, and if you receive an email similar to the one below DO NOT CLICK on any of the links embedded in the email. DO NOT!

This time the email scammer if trying to create a fear that you are in some sort of legal trouble. The subject line of the email states Court Case #3294294.

Justice is served
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That would get anybody's attention, right? But, hold on and be smart. Stop...look...and re-read before you get 'click' happy. Curiosity killed the cat, don't you know.

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Sure, you're probably initially startled by it, but upon a closer look you'll probably notice some strange things. For instance, it will say Hearing to be held next week, without a date or time. Also, it may say Courtroom 6B, without an address, city or state given.

And, probably you find at least three different links the scammers want you to click on.

Let me stress again, DON'T CLICK ON ANYTHING!

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Why not click? Seriously? You could get a virus on your computer or worse,  inadvertently they could get access to all of your personal information.

So, what should you do. DELETE THE EMAIL IMMEDIATELY!

Sadly, Michigan ranks as the 17th biggest scammed state!

Q103.5/105.7/ Canva
Q103.5/105.7/ Canva

Startling, isn't it. According to that latest statistics, data available from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), in 2022, Michiganders lost nearly $178 Million Dollars, with victims losing an average of $13,111.

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It's a tough electronic world out there. Be careful, be distrustful, and never open suspicious emails, because NO, you are not going to jail! And, Yodid not win One Million Dollars in Dubi!

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