Say you hit a pothole - there are plenty around to ambush you. Can you file a claim? Hmmm, that's a good question. Well, the answer is yes, and, no, and maybe. Confusing, right? Right!

They're everywhere...they're everywhere. Potholes are on parade throughout Michigan, never more so than here in West Michigan.

Will Michigan reimburse me for pothole damage?
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So, if you blow a tire, damage your car, whatever, can you get it paid for...reimbursement for the damage?

It depends on the county, city, and the type of road, state, county, or city. Yikes, this is getting hard.

Then, you have to prove that whichever government was in charge of that road, knew about the pothole, and had a chance to fix it but didn't for at least 30 days. And, it's the same for state roads, where MDOT says most claims are denied due to governmental immunity laws. Sounds like, basically, we lose.


However, you still can file a claim and see what happens. For State roads, you have to file with MDOT and to the office in the region where the accident occurred.

Claims with the state of Michigan can be filed with MDOT. They say that motorists whose vehicles have been damaged to contact the MDOT office in the region where the damage occurred.

For Grand Rapids, you can file a claim HERE. Kent County doesn't seem to have a way to file a claim and neither does Ottawa County, so MDOT is still the best bet, no matter how small a chance it may be.

You ask, what about my auto insurance policy? Yes,you can also file a claim against your insurance company as long as you have collision coverage.  But, watch out because they may raise your rate just because.

Happy driving!

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