Considering the vastness of America it takes several days to cross via auto. If you were to take a trip like that you may wonder where the halfway point is. Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere, Nebraska, no doubt. No slight to Nebraska intended, there are just a lot of Middles of Nowhere about the Great Plains.

So what about the halfway point between the middle of the country and the east coast? Now you're talking our neck of the woods here in the Great Lakes.

Considering the coastlines on both the Atlantic and Pacific seaboard vary, there's no single line you could point to to find an exact middle, but a cross-country highway is likely the best approximation.

And there could be no better highway to choose than the venerable US Route 20. The roadway is the longest US highway in the system stretching truly from coast to coast from Boston, Massachusettes to Newport, Oregon.

The halfway point, according to Historic US 20 on Facebook is Newport, Nebraska. (No you didn't catch a typo there. US 20 ends in Newport, Oregon with a halfway point at Newport, Nebraska.)

Halfway between Newport, Nebraska and Boston? You'll find it interestingly near the Michigan-Ohio-Indiana Tripoint.

The exact point in this halfway to halfway-across-America trek according to the US 20 enthusiasts is 5 miles east of Angola, Indiana. US 20 runs just a few miles south of Michigan's state line but never enters the state.

Newport, Nebraska is the midway point between Boston and Newport, Oregon on Historic Route 20. So then what’s the half way point between the halfway point?
At 841 miles - you will be about 5 miles east of Angola, Indiana to be halfway to the halfway point if you leave Boston.

That point near Angola, we're calling that 5 miles from downtown approximation to be the corner of Country Road 460 East, is 9 miles south of the Michigan state line near the fascinating community of Ray.

US 20 is certainly among the longest highways in the country. The others? Here's the full list of interstate highways. Get a new set of tires, you'll need 'em to conquer this list.

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