One of my favorite places in downtown Grand Rapids is  Fish Ladder Park.

Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media
Wendy Reed/Townsquare Media

I grew up fishing with my dad and while I've yet to cast a line into the Grand River I do enjoy watching anglers reel in some big fish.

I also love it when fish are migrating and will swim and jump up the fish ladder during the spring and summer.

One thing that does scare me though is how powerful the damn is and how close some people get when fishing in a boat.

One boat full of fishermen needed to be rescued after it overturned near the 6th street damn around lunchtime today.

3 Fishermen Are Lucky To Be Alive After Boat Flipped Near 6th Street Dam

Details are still coming in about the incident but Wood TV was able to speak with Grand Rapids Fire Department Battalion Chief Scott Stevenson. He was on the scene and believed that the boat with the three fishermen in it probably got too close to the dam and water started pouring in leading to it capsizing into the rough water.

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Thankfully there were other fishermen in the area and they sprung into action.

They drove a boat out to where the men were in the water and pulled them into the boat.

While getting back to shore one of the fishermen administered CPR to an unconscious man who wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse.

The man who needed medical attention is now alert and talking. The two other men didn't need any medical help.

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