School for most Michiganders takes up at least twelve years of our lives.

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Then, for you smarty pants that went to college, it could be 16 years or more.

A lot can change in that short time. Now, imagine how much change has happened to Michigan's oldest school which opened way back in 1863.

Research conducted by Family Minded found the oldest school in each state.

Before I share with you their findings about Michigan let's take a look at the oldest schools in America which dates back nearly 400 years.

What Is America's Oldest School?

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

The Boston Latin School in Massacutes is both the oldest public school and the oldest existing educational institution in the United States. The school opened back in 1634 and has several notable historic alumni including Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Hancock.

Central High School Is Michigan's Oldest School

Central High School, located in Detroit, first opened over 150 years ago back in 1863.
Thirty years after the opening of Central High School it was destroyed by a fire

In 1893, a fire destroyed Capitol High School, but it continued to function temporarily at the Biddle House on East Jefferson Avenue. In 1896, Capitol was replaced by Central High School, at the intersection of Cass and Warren Avenue

How Many Students Went To Central High School?

Central High School only has 350 students enrolled, back in the day the school held an impressive 4,000 students. I hope they had enough bathrooms for all those kids.

Famous Central High School Alumni

Getty Images
Getty Images

James Lipton (Class of 1944)

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Carl Levin (Class of 1954)

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Anita Baker (Class of 1976)

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Antonio Gates (Class of 1998)

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