Take a deep breath, hold it in, and let it go. Pretty relaxing, right? Now, if you were to pick a scent to go along with that deep breath, what would it be?

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There are a lot of scents that are synonymous with comfort, joy and relaxation. Spring rain, fresh laundry, and lavender all come to mind for me personally, but I'm sure you have your own set of scents that take you back to that happy place in your mind.

Typically, according to Perfumania, the most popular scents in America are Vanilla, Lavender, and Cinnamon. And while those scents do make the top of the list in Michigan, they're still not our favorite as a state.

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Today (March 21st) is National Fragrance Day, and the crew at BetMichigan.com analyzed hundreds of Google searches of iconic scents over the last 12 months, to find out which aromas Michigan residents have been searching for the most.

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If you're like me, you may find yourself assuming that our top scent has something to do with some of our fresh fruit orchards, the lake shore, or maybe even something baked since we are the home of Kellogg's. But, the scent that Michiganders seem to crave the most is one that we aren't even supposed to be smelling AT ALL.

Here are the top scents that Michiganders love to smell according to search results from the past year...

These are Michigan's 10 favorite scents

According to data from BetMichigan.com, these are the scents Michiganders love the most according to search results

Gallery Credit: Laura Hardy

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