We love our pets more than we're able to express. We buy them toys, clothes and treats. We invite them to share our dinner, and we event take them along on vacation. So, naturally we try to treat them like a member of our household anytime we can.

And in the case of Michiganders, we even make sure they get to sleep in our bed.

You might get better sleep next to a dog than a spouse
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In fact, Michigan residents love sharing their beds with their beloved pets. A recent study from NextDayMattress found that we are the second most likely state to have a pet sharing the sheets with us.

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In fact, a staggering 83% of respondents admitted to sharing their beds with dogs, while 54% of us are cozying up with our cats. We are the most likely to share our bed with our pets in the US outside of Missouri, who scored slightly higher with 89% of them sharing the bed with their dogs.

Manja Vitolic via Unsplash
Manja Vitolic via Unsplash

But, there are some experts who argue sharing your bed with your pet could be a little less than sanitary, especially if you aren't washing your pets and changing your sheets frequently enough.

The inclination to snuggle up with pets while sleeping reflects Michigan's pet-friendly culture and the importance placed on the well-being and companionship provided by animals. Whether it's the comfort of a loyal canine friend or the soothing presence of a feline companion, Michiganders clearly embrace the idea of sharing their sleeping space with pets.

This heartwarming trend not only speaks to the loving nature of Michigan residents but also highlights the therapeutic benefits and joy derived from the close companionship of pets.

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