We're getting closer and closer to Hockey season, and Michigan is one of the states who loves the sport most of all. Whether you're a Griffins, Wings, or Red Wings fan, there are tons of places around Michigan that you can enjoy the sport.

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But one Michigan arena (unsurprisingly) has been named one of the top in America for hockey fans.

With tickets for the next batch of NHL games already on sale, fans may be looking into what to expect when visiting their team’s home stadium during the 2023/24 season, and it turns out if you're looking to see the Red Wings in person this season, Little Caesars Arena is top notch.

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Betway has looked into what NHL and NFL stadiums have to show off and ranked the top of each league and sitting at number 9 on the list is Detroit's own Little Caesars Arena.

There are a few factors that make LCA stand out amongst the rest including having parking averaging around $10 and a $5 hot dog price on their menu.

One of the factors that held us back from making it to the top of the list? The average ticket price is nearly double that of other arenas on the list at $90. So, we're paying a little extra for the luxury of having a newer stadium.

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And it's not shocking, because earlier this year Wallethub named Detroit the third best city in America for Hockey fans, so we obviously have to celebrate that with a state of the art space to watch our favorite team.

So if you're debating buying tickets this year to see the Red Wings, buy with confidence knowing you're going to have one of the best experiences in the NHL.

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