Election season is upon us, and I can't be the only person feeling absolute fatigue when it comes to being bombarded with political opinions.

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"Vote for her", "vote for this", and "make sure you don't vote for them", all coming at you left and right. You can't even enjoy a simple video on Youtube without being shown an ad for someone who "is the best for you".

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So it may be easy to feel overwhelmed and fatigued about what choice you should make on election day, but I'm here to tell you: Your vote counts. Especially in Michigan.

Why does my vote matter in Michigan?

Michigan is known as a 'swing state', meaning that our political ideologies tend to be pretty straight down the middle. By having a more even playing field, Michigan becomes a higher target for both parties, because they have a better chance of winning.

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States that tend to learn in one direction tend to be a 'lost cause' for the minority party because it takes a much larger effort to win in these areas.

What election is the most important/powerful in Michigan?

While I don't recommend only picking one thing to vote on when you grab your ballot, there is one specific race that has a smaller margin, meaning your vote matters more.

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According to Wallethub, Michigan ranks eighth for most powerful voters in the US for the House. We ranked 3.24, with the first-place state (Minnesota) ranking at 3.64.

Source: WalletHub

So while it may not matter as much who we vote for in other races, the people Michigan has selected to run for the US House have the most influence nationwide.

So when you're making your choices this year, make sure you make them count. After all, you're a powerful Michigan voter.

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