You can't tell me you've seen the Kum & Go sign on 54th street and over in Grandville without giggling to yourself at least once. While the chain got it's name in the much more innocent 1950's, the company has always leaned into their 'controversial' name.

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But before long, you may no longer see Kum & Go signs around West Michigan, and it's all because of those immature brains we all have. In 2023, a company called Maverik bought out the Iowa-based gas station and convenience store chain.

And while leaning into their somewhat 'dirty' name, Maverik sees how inappropriate the name can seem, so they're changing it. According to a report from The Drive, FJ Management, the owners of Maverik stores, said they were only going to rebrand the stores in their area, but at the end of last year, their tone changed. According to a source from the company, they know we're laughing at the name and they're sick of it.

I think there was some concern about the inadvertent double entendre of the Kum & Go name [...] If you're growing cross-regionally, which brand do you think will have more appeal to a new audience: Maverik or Kum & Go? No disrespect to Kum & Go, but the answer is pretty clear

While they think the name is goofy, it seems to have worked for the gas station chain. In fact, they've always leaned into how silly 'Kum & Go' is with their social media posts, and it seemed to work for them.

There's no word on when the Kum & Go stations in Grand Rapids will go the way of Maverik name, but it seems otherwise the stores will remain unchanged. So enjoy your giggles as you drive by while you can, because the Kum & Go brand is likely to go away soon.

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