Warning: This article and writer do not condone underage drinking. Please follow the law.

You read this headline and immediately started thinking...

"This woman is insane. Clearly, something is not right in her head."

Well, while you may be slightly right. I am 100% correct with what I am saying.

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According to Michigan Legislature 436.1703,

A minor shall not purchase or attempt to purchase alcoholic liquor, consume or attempt to consume alcoholic liquor, possess or attempt to possess alcoholic liquor or have any bodily alcohol content, except as provided in this section. A minor who violates this subsection is responsible for a state civil infraction or guilty of a misdemeanor as follows and is not subject to the penalties prescribed in section 909.

What are the penalties for underage drinking?


First Violation

  • You can be fined up to $100,
  • forced to take part in a substance abuse program,
  • sentenced to community service
  • drug testing & more
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Second Violation

  • in prison for up to 30 days
  • the fines are doubled
  • everything under the first violation

With all of that information, you are probably thinking, if there are so many violations, how are people under 21 allowed to drink?


There are a few exceptions that allow underage people to drink in Michigan.

ProCon explains that if you are enrolled in an accredited college, university, or trade school and alcohol is a part of the curriculum, it is allowed.


The consumption of alcoholic liquor by a minor who is enrolled in a course offered by an accredited postsecondary educational institution in an academic building of the institution under the supervision of a faculty member is not prohibited by this act if the purpose of the consumption is solely educational and is a requirement of the course.

Many know about this next exception since it is involving religious traditions.

The consumption by a minor of sacramental wine in connection with religious services at a church, synagogue, or temple is not prohibited by this act.


I do not know how many people are currently in an undercover operation right now. But, if someone is underage and is undercover, they can also buy and/or receive alcohol.

An undercover operation in which the minor purchases or receives alcoholic liquor under the direction of the person's employer and with the prior approval of the local prosecutor's office as part of an employer-sponsored internal enforcement action.

Do you think I am still insane now?


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