Anyone driving in Michigan is likely to see a dead animal on the road after being struck by a vehicle.

I know I've hit several deer and tried to avoid a few suicidal squirrels.

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But one thing you don't expect to see is that dead animal get painted over by a road crew but that's what happened earlier this week on one Grand Rapids street.

Dead Skunk Gets a Makeover From Grand Rapids Road Crew

Credit: June DeKorte Preisner via Facebook
Credit: June DeKorte Preisner via Facebook

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I reached out to June DeKorte Preisner who snagged the picture and asked her how did she stumble upon this poor dead skunk,

I took my 2 year old grandson to Richmond park to play. I noticed they were printing the lines. As we left the park and drive west I saw the pour animal painted over! I had to get a pic. Never thought I would see something so sad and funny at the same time! I laughed all the way home! - June DeKorte Preisner

I don't know if it's laziness or just how things are doing when it comes to painting roads but Grand Rapids isn't the only city that's adding insult to injury to these dead animals.

Credit: Facebook/Polly Em via Storyful
Credit: Facebook/Polly Em via Storyful

Back in 2017 an opossum got painted over by a road crew doing work on M-44 between Ionia and Belding.

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I'm tempted to head down to Richmond Park this weekend and see if they poor little guy is still laying in the middle of the road.

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