Dakota and Garret Porter, the founders of ActionGlow, ultimately secured the bag when they went on the ABC television show, "Shark Tank."

ActionGlow is a patented LED lighting system for different sporting equipment such as skis, bikes, snowboards, and more.

With their company starting when they were 16 and 13 years old, the brothers have been trying for years to pitch their idea on the television show. They finally got their chance last Friday.

Dakota told Up North Live that,

"It really was like a dream come true. I mean when we started our company 10 years ago, the most common question we got was, 'Have you guys applied for Shark Tank?' 'Are you guys going on Shark Tank?' and it's because of that it's always been a dream for us to go on the show and pitch our product to America."

Thankfully, the Porters went on Shark Tank because they were able to get an investor.

Four of the five 'sharks' on the television show, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, and Mark Cuban, had already passed on their business proposal.

When O'Leary decided against investing, he said,

"I think the product is great, but the problems ahead are great, too."

So, their chances were looking slim.

However, businessman and investor, Robert Herjavec, agreed to invest in ActionGlow for a 30 percent stake in their company.

Garret and Dakota knew about their successful pitch for three whole weeks. But, they could not tell anyone until the show aired.

The two brothers even had a get-together to celebrate their accomplishments at the City Opera House.

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