There's plenty of fun to be had outside in Michigan during the winter: ice skating, skiing, sledding, the list goes on. But if you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, snow tube at night under dazzling lights at this Michigan farm!

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Snow Tube at Night at Bowers School Farm

Bowers School Farm in Bloomfield Hills turns into a winter wonderland this time of year.

Bowers School Farm, Facebook
Bowers School Farm, Facebook

Not only can you sip on hot cocoa and warm up next to the bonfire, you can also have a one-of-a-kind snow tubing under-the-stars experience!

*Note that there will be no ice skating this year at Bowers School Farm. Owners say,

We are sticking with what we do best . . tubing! We will also have a climbing play area.

Also, there is a new surface on the tube runs to allow for an improved zip down the hill! And it sounds like you can still tube even if there is no snow:

No snow - no problem! You can still tube down our new mSnow surface.

Little Guide Detroit, Instagram/
Little Guide Detroit, Instagram/

At night, Bowers School Farm's 200-foot long hill comes alive with lights. There are also four lanes, which is great if you have a large group. Bowers School Farm says their tubing run features “snow” carpet to allow for a more enjoyable ride in any weather.

It sounds like you'll want to get your tickets early as they sell out quickly!

Individual ticket sales are set to open to the public Dec. 9, 2023. If you purchase a membership by Dec. 1, you can get early access to ticket sales on Dec. 5.

Bowers School Farm, Facebook
Bowers School Farm, Facebook

Cost for 50 minutes of is $17. General admission with no tubing is free, but if you'd like to tube, you must purchase a ticket.

Snow tubing season season at Bowers School Farm is January 5 through February 25, 2023

Open days and times:

  • Wednesdays: 5p-9p
  • Thursdays: 5p-9p
  • Fridays: 4p-10p
  • Saturdays: 12p-10p
  • Sundays: 12p-9p

Aside from the winter fun activities, Bowers School Farm is an experiential learning facility housed on 93 acres and owned by Bloomfield Hills Schools since 1967.

Bowers School Farm, Facebook
Bowers School Farm, Facebook

Animals such as sheep, horses, cattle, and goats graze the pastures at Bowers School Farm. It's also home to acres of vegetable production, community gardens, and curated horticultural gardens.

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Happy people on a tube outdoors
Deklofenak, Getty Stock

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