Another list has come out and claims to know what Michigan's favorite pie is. The problem is, most Michiganders have never heard of it.

Michigan Pie Choices

Growing up in Michigan and having a mom who bakes a lot, I have seen my share of pies at the dinner table. My mom is someone who would bake new things to try them out and that is how I learned I liked zucchini bread. I know that is not a pie but trust me, I'm getting there.

With Michigan being the cherry capital of the world, when I saw the list of each state's favorite pie, I thought for sure that cherry would be a Michganders top choice but that wasn't it.

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With all the apple orchards in Michigan and all the variety of apples grown in the state, my next choice for Michigander's favorite pie was apple pie but according to the list, I was wrong again.

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I didn't think blueberry would be Michigan's favorite pie but since the state is known for its amazing blueberries I thought maybe this was the top pie but I was wrong again. Turns out, it's a pie that most Michiganders have never heard of.

What is Michigan's Favorite Pie?

According to an Instagram account used by Mosheh, they used Google Trends to find out what pies were searched for in each state and Michigan's turned out to be "Sugar Pie." We discussed this at work and no one had even heard of sugar pie.

I had to do some digging to find a picture of a sugar pie and its ingredients. There is some sort of gooey brown sugar filling inside a pie crust. The goo is made from butter, eggs, sugar, flour, vanilla and milk. I have never heard of this pie and highly doubt it's Michigan's favorite.

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