Have you ever had a run-in with the supernatural? According to a new ranking, Michigan is crawling with ghosts.

Casinos.com (random, I know) has compiled a list of the states with the most ghost sightings. To get their info, casino.com monitored a website called ghostsofamerica.com where folks can report their spooky encounters. As of March 18, 2024, 62,206 ghost sightings have been reported.

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The states with the most supernatural activity? Texas, with 4,938 sightings, and California, with 3,802. (Hmm, could it have something to do with being the most populated states?)

Michigan 4th Most Haunted State in U.S.

But Michigan is not far behind. According to the ranking, Michigan is the 4th most haunted state, with 1,566 ghost sightings reported.

And it seems there's spooky stuff happening all over the Midwest, because Ohio came in at No. 3, Illinois at No. 5 and Indiana at No. 6.

Most Haunted Cities in Michigan

As far as which areas in Michigan seem to be the most haunted, I checked out which city's had the most reported sightings at ghostsofarmerica.com.

Based on that, here are the most haunted spots in the state, each with more than 20 ghost encounters:

  • Ann Arbor - 23
  • Bay City - 43
  • Dearborn - 26
  • Flint - 25
  • Grosse Point - 21
  • Jackson - 28
  • Mackinac Island - 22
  • Menominee - 27
  • Monroe - 49
  • Morenci - 25
  • Muskegon - 44
  • Oscoda - 29
  • Paris - 30
  • Port Huron - 25
  • Saginaw - 32
  • Sterling Heights - 20
  • Taylor - 26
  • Warren - 25

The clear winner for "Most Haunted" is Monroe.

River Raisin National Battlefield Park/ Facebook
River Raisin National Battlefield Park/ Facebook

Apparently there's an old paper mill there where plenty of spooky stuff has been witnessed, including a ghost that will scream at anyone who tries to enter.

Other's point to General Custer's family's burial plot as General George Armstrong Custer was a Monroe native.

River Raisin National Battlefield Park/ Facebook
River Raisin National Battlefield Park/ Facebook

There's also the apparitions of soldiers people claim to see from the Battle of River Raisin.

Here's a closer look at Monroe, Mich. back in the day.

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