It's awful to think about - you're out enjoying a local park and there are people out there lurking, breaking into cars.

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The Kent County Sheriff's Office is warning about a rash of thefts at Townsend Park, located in Cannonsburg, and Millennium Park which lies in Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, and Walker.

Police say vehicle windows were broken after purses were left out in the open. Cash and credit cards were stolen.

Previously, thefts like this had been occurring overnight or at fitness center parks during the day. In early 2023, we also saw a rash of car break-ins at senior living communities.  Now it seems thieves are focused on community parks during daylight hours.

The sheriff's office reminds residents to remove all personal belongings from vehicle - if you have to keep anything in your car, keep it out of sight.

Please also report any suspicious activity to police!

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