For those of you who have never traveled abroad, you'd probably been surprised by how much better food is over there. Eateries have different health code parameters and are generally healthier than food in the US. As someone who has both been abroad and has English friends who have come to the US to visit, we were both very surprised by how different things were when we tried our respective foods.

So it was pretty humorous to watch this British TikToker who was in Detroit for the NFL Draft react to some of Detroit's most iconic meals.

Photo by Alex Brisbey on Unsplash
Photo by Alex Brisbey on Unsplash

TikToker @laurensaddingtonx

Lauren Saddington is an influencer from the United Kingdom visiting Detroit to watch the NFL Draft that happened at the end of April (she and her husband are massive Green Bay Packers fans). While she was here, she went about eating at a couple of staple restaurants in Detroit, specifically Lafayette Coney Island and Buddy's Pizza. Lafayette Coney Island makes the famous Coney Island Hot Dog (which Lauren tries), and Buddy's Pizza is known for its fantastic Detroit-style Pizza.

Buddy's Pizza in Detroit, Michigan
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Lauren starts her assessment of Lafayette Coney Island with a hot take: "Americans, you are pure filth" which I think isn't completely unfair. She goes on to try a chili dog and chili fries, which also get a "this looks like a pile of S-". While her takes on the appearance of all the food are not high, she had glowing reviews of the taste of everything, giving Lafayette Coney Island a 9/10.

Based on recommendations on the previous TikTok, Lauren made her way to Buddy's Pizza she was far kinder to Buddy's than Lafayette's, saying the pizza was incredible. "So good! I could have this every day." She also got a taste of the Detroit atmosphere from an interaction with a passerby. Let's just say wearing Green Bay merch in Lions Country rubbed some people the wrong way.

It was fun seeing her and her husband's opinions on some of Michigan's most iconic foods. She ended up loving Detroit and filmed some other places she went and her experience at the NFL Draft, so if you want to check those out, head here.

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