There are tons of non-frills spots to get some good grub in Michigan. One casual restaurant (that's been around for more than 100 years!) is getting national attention as the best in the state.

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Food publication The Daily Meal sought to find the best restaurant in each state where the food is cheap and you'll feel right at home in jeans.

So what makes a restaurant casual? According to The Daily Meal,

It goes far beyond the dress code. Our main criterion was the price factor: Can two people fill themselves up and get out for less than $50, excluding tip and alcohol? Other factors we took into account were an overall comfortable and relaxed ambiance, a "destination" status (that is, is the place worth traveling for?), and a proven reputation and longevity.

The Daily Meal's pick for the best casual restaurant in Michigan is truly an iconic one: American Coney Island in Detroit.

American Coney Island, Facebook
American Coney Island, Facebook

This past may, the hot dog joint celebrated its 106th birthday!

In addition to Coney Dogs, the eatery also serves Gyros, Greek Salads, Tuna Salad Sandwiches, Spinach Pie, Wings, and desserts like Baklava, Donuts, and Cheesecake. Check out the menu here!

American Coney Island, Instagram
American Coney Island, Instagram

Here's The Daily Meal's praise for American Coney Island (they give a shout out to Lafayette Coney Island too!):

In Detroit, there's an epic rivalry going back decades between two neighboring hot dog stands, American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island, but both belong on our list for serving legendary hot dogs. Family-owned and -operated since 1917, American's claim to fame is the classic coney-style dog. The hot dogs are made with a proprietary blend that is exclusively produced for the company by Dearborn Sausage company. A hot dog gets placed into a warm steamed bun, then topped with a Greek-spiced beef-heart-based chili sauce developed by founder Gust Keros, a heap of diced onions, and a squirt of mustard. No trip to Detroit is complete without a coney dog.

American Coney Island has another location in Las Vegas.

Yet another Michigan hot dog joint was recently named the best "cult favorite" restaurant in the state.

Now, in terms of getting the most bang for your buck, a different food publication picked a different Michigan restaurant as the best "everyday eats" joint.

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