It's an image no football fan or player will ever forget.

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During the January 2 Monday Night Game between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals, Bills Safety Daram Hamlin got up quickly after tackling Tee Higgins during the previous play and then collapsed. It wasn't long until officials realized something was very wrong. Happily, CPR was administered quickly, and he was taken off the field to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he continued to be treated for Cardiac Arrest.

The game was of course suspended and ultimately cancelled.

Hamlin would keep fans updated via his Twitter before finally being released from the hospital. He was seen in the crowd at the playoff game between Buffalo and Cincinnati rooting on his teammates. His future was at that time uncertain.

His continued recovery has been a marvel and seeing him flourish in just the four months after that very scary moment on the field has been a thing of beauty.

And there it is. The news that the Bills Nation has been waiting for. Damar has been cleared to return to the team and is working out with them. What a huge testament to the medical staff and people who got to him quickly and worked so hard to save his life, and to the man who persevered and worked in his recovery to get back to this place.

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