Driving is already one of the scariest and most dangerous things that we do as humans, with there being hundreds of thousands of accidents every day around the world, injury or worse is always on the table. On top of the stresses that exist from driving, you can be pulled over for violating a law which can cause a whole separate kind of anxiety to kick in as you see the red and blue lights flashing behind you.

Now that we've established how scary being pulled over can be, have you ever had the nerves of an unmarked car being behind you? Most police ride in police cruisers or trucks with their department logos marking the vehicle but not all of them, as plainclothes officers will often ride in unmarked cars for a sense of camouflage. You are still required to pull over for unmarked officers but here are some things to do to ensure that it is safe to do.

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  • Full blackout tint
  • “Exempt” license plate
  • Grill guards
  • Spotlights that look like extra mirrors
  • An American-made car

As mentioned above, you are expected to stop if an unmarked police car is attempting to pull you over. Here are some steps to follow to keep yourself safe while also still complying with the law:


  • Stay calm and find a well-lit and populated area: If you're unsure whether the unmarked car is a legitimate police vehicle, you can slow down, turn on your hazard lights, and indicate your intention to pull over.
  • Call 911: While you're still driving, you can call 911 to inform them about the situation. Explain that you are being pulled over by an unmarked car and provide them with your location. They can confirm if it's a legitimate officer or provide guidance.
  • Verify the officer's identity: Once you have pulled over, keep your doors locked and windows partially rolled up. Ask the officer to identify themselves by showing their badge and official identification. You can also request a marked patrol car to come to the scene for further confirmation.
  • Compliance with instructions: If the officer's identity is confirmed, comply with their instructions. Provide your driver's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance as requested. Follow their directions regarding further actions, such as stepping out of the vehicle.



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