As a long-term resident of Michigan, I have a natural disdain for the state that borders to the south, believing that there aren't many great things coming from the Buckeye state outside of a handful of celebrities like Katt Williams and Lebron James but also for masterpiece attractions like Kalahari and Cedar Point. Well, Ohio is just like any other state across the US, filled with its hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall establishments.

Airbnb has changed the traveling game on a whole new level as those who are staying for a short weekend getaway or an extended period are choosing a more private and enjoyable experience. Airbnb is an online company that allows property owners to rent out their homes for guests visiting the area, many are entire houses or apartments, that are packed with amenities most are used to enjoying from home. All Airbnb's are not created equally as this one in Ohio has some next-level amenities that others do not.

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Sometimes an Airbnb rental may just be for comfort, safety, and privacy while traveling for a business trip or sporting event but other times it may be to fit the entire family for a reunion, enjoy a family vacation, or have a romantic getaway. No matter the reason or what you're looking for, there is an Airbnb for every occasion but somehow this Airbnb in Ohio can apply to all cases.

There is an Airbnb tucked into the woods in Ohio that has taken the Midwest by storm. This Airbnb is nestled into the woods and features a long outdoor staircase that leads to the real gem of the home. The staircase leads to a balcony that has outdoor seating, the cool thing is this overlooks a waterfall that falls into a swimming hole.

@epic.stays Can you believe this cabin is located in #Ohio ? The Cliffs at Hocking Hills @Jess #usatravel #midwesttravel #traveltiktok #airbnb #airbnbfinds ♬ right down the line -

You can see all of the beauty in the TikTok video above although it doesn't show any part of the home. This Airbnb is known as "The Cliffs at Hocking Hills" and is very popular. According to the comments on the TikTok video, this rental stays booked every weekend for 18 months at a time so it's hard to get a reservation.

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