One of the bills that can fluctuate the most and cause financial hardship or stress for many individuals is the electricity bill. Depending on the time of year, there are some factors that can cause the electricity bill to be higher or lower. Some things we can't avoid like using the lights or other electronics for household needs like vacuums and kitchen appliances.

They say that you're supposed to unplug any electronics you aren't using and always turn your lights off whenever you leave a room, but there's something else that people will often forget to turn off that will hike up their electricity bills. The funny part is this thing that can come back to haunt bill payers is something that many people would consider to be common sense. Have any idea of what you should turn off when you open your windows to keep your electricity bill low?

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Michigan residents should turn off their air conditioning before opening their windows. Besides the obvious fact of watching your money blow out of the window as your home gets no colder than it was before but it just doesn't make sense. Yes, maybe for a little while to help the hot/warm air flow out of the house but after a while you're just wasting money. On top of losing tons of money you're also still sweating and hot because your house never cooled down.

This same rule applies for winter, living here in Michigan we get a chance to experience the full effect of every season, and this means we have to be aware of our electric bill. Whether it is cold and you're running the heat or it's hot and you've got the A/C on, you should have your windows closed to not only receive the desired affect you're searching for but also to save your money.

Just a friendly reminder to keep yourself comfortable and keep some of that money in your pockets. Here are some tips to lower your electricity bill while running your A/C this summer.

Top 10 Ways to Lower Your A/C Bill This Summer

Gallery Credit: Heidi Kaye

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